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World Bank don approve $611m for pikin to go school

World Bank don give carry go $611 million to support Nigeria government and reduce the way wey plenty children wey dey out-of-school dey increase more more.

Na the World Bank Education Specialist and Consultant, Adebayo Solomon, talk this one during the tear-rubber of the Federal Government 2017/2018 school census exercise wey dem dey do every year.

According to the latest report, the number of pikin dem wey no dey inside school for Nigeria na about 10.5 million.

Mr Solomon say the exercise go run for all over the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory wey be Abuja; dem go provide this money through the Better Education Service Delivery for All (BES-DA) Programme, wey their plan na to carry this pikin dem enter classrooms.

E add say the Bank dey work with the National Bureau of Statistics, to make sure say dem check the number of pikin dem wey no dey school well well, as many states no dey fit do the annual school census.

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