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Work like Elephant, chop like Ant. The street sweepers of Abuja

45-years old Talatu Amos be enter Abuja, Nigeria capital to find money take feed her four pikin dem after her husband die.

But the only work wey she fit get na to sweep street. She dey resume work 5am everyday and close 3pm and her salary na N18, 000 naira($49) per month.

"The salary no dey make me happy. I just dey work make I fit put food for belle", she explain.

street sweepers di suffer in silence

This poor salary wahala and poor work condition dey affect people wey do this kind job for most African countries like Ghana, Liberia and Rwanda.

BBC tori person Dooshima Abu wey go round the capital city say she observe say most of di people wey dey sweep street na middle aged women wey no go school.

And dem wear different colour of uniform based on their employer. Na with local simple tools like broom, parker, shovel and bucket na im dem dey take work.

Dey equally no wear hand gloves, boots and something to take to cover their nose from dust.

Health Wahala

Health wahala na wan major issue wey this street sweepers dey face because of the harsh condition wey dem dey work under.

Some of dem say dem dey get breathing, asthma, eye and hypertension problem. Rose Okewu say sometimes she dey cough blood and dust and the company no dey carry dem go hospital.

street sweepers di suffer in silence

"You see say my eye red, as I dey sweep I bend down to pick dirty under flower na im something enter my eye. As I go hospital nobody give me kobo, na me treat myself."

Kauna Sheji say most of the company no get health insurance and na the workers dey treat demself and if dem no come work, dem go cut their salary.

Primerose Enterprise Limited, wey be one of the companies wey dey employ people wey dey sweep for Abuja say no be so.

Samson Haranwa wey be oga for the company say dem dey give the workers wetin to use work but dem no the use am.

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