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Union dey protest against NHIS oga wey Buhari recall

Na two different groups protest for the headquarter of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for Abuja, Nigeria capital.

This na as NHIS oga Prof. Usman Yusuf resume work today after President Buhari recall am last week. This Prof. Yusuf, dem bin suspend am on top fraud for the same organisation.

But union members stop staff from office work on Monday morning. Workers for the organisation be dey divided as some of dem dey happy say their oga don return while union members dey para for the matter.

Nigeria government send reach 50 policemen go the office, as the two groups dey protest.

Wetin be the complain

Abdulrazaq Omomeji wey be chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servant talk say dem no go do any work and dat this protest na to challenge the decision of the president to bring NHIS oga back even though e never answer the case on top im head.

E allege say Yusuf chop money, the promote ethnic things and come employ plenty people for the system.

E further come explain say the 800 million wey dem save for training, Yusuf just come office come blow the money for two weeks and dat dem the workers no trust am.

"For civil service all over the world, if you get case on top your head, you leave your sit until dem settle the case and time don do for ICPC and EFCC must make their findings public".

But Doctor Uchena Ewelike wey the lead the protest wey di support the NHIS boss, say this people wey dey protest just want the system to continue.

E say dem happy well as the president bring Prof. Yusuf back to continue with im reform.

E explain give say since dem establish NHIS 13 years ago things never change and that e good make government support the NHIS oga to reform the scheme so that plenty Nigerians go get access to better health care.

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