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To Make Phone Call For Filling Station Na Criminal Offence- Nigeria Police

Police don talk say to make phone call for filling stations na criminal offence wey go fit land person for jail.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, talk say person wey dem catch dem fit prosecute am and put am for jail for wetin dem call arson.

E say police officer get the power to arrest anybody wey dem see say e dey make phone calls or smoke for filling stations.

E say filling station na public place where motorists no go fit do as dey like because products wey fit cause fire like petrol and other petroleum products na dem dey sell for there.

Moshood, come warn the public make dey no go against safety rules wey forbide smoking and phone calls for filling stations.

E say, “To make phone calls or smoking for filling stations na criminal offence and police, fit arrest anybody wey go against safety rules wey dey safeguard our life and property for filling stations.”

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