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The worst, but popular passwords for 2017 wey no dey safe

E don tey wen online security experts dey sama warning give people on top weak password wey dem dey use take lock dia emails and social media account.

Recently, SplashData wey be leading provider of security application and service don release list of the 100 worst passwords wey no too strong for 2017.

The company arrange the list, after dem study five million passwords wey leak out for the year.

The top three passwords wey dey for the list na '123456', 'password' and '12345678.'

Some others wey dey the list na 'letmein', 'football', 'iloveyou' 'welcome' 'starswars' and others.

Digital security specialist- Hyginus Horson talk about the different kind of Passwords attacks wey hackers dey use.

E sey some hackers dey use words from dictionary and dem call this typeDictionary attack; others dey use the birthdays of people wey dem call the Birthday attack.

Oga for SplashData say hackers dey use popular words from movies and sport to enter people account.

Mr Horson wey be di oga for Tapnek Global Limited, advice people make dem no dey use dia birthday or dia partner own as password.

Instead make dem use passwords wey go contain both alphabet, number and special characters like; @, #,_ and so on.

The digital security specialist also sey make people no dey use the same password for dia different social media account, because once hackers fit get the passwords of one, dem go fit enter all the accounts.

"For those wey dey quick forget their different passwords, make dem no worry because na im make the feature of password recovery dey for the different social media platform," na wetin im add.

Mr Horson advise people to use passwords wey contain letters, alphabet and special character.

Meanwhile, di CEO of SplashData -Morgan Slain talk say:

"Hackers don begin use common words from pop culture and sports to break enter people account online because dem know sey many people dey use those words wey dey easy for dem to remember."

See di top 20 worst Passwords for 2017

1) 123456

2) password

3) 12345678

4) qwerty

5) 12345

6) 123456789

7) letmein

8) 1234567

9) football

10) iloveyou

11) admin

12) welcome

13) monkey

14) login

15) abc123

16) starwars

17) 123123

18) dragon

19) passw0rd

20) master

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