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The Market for 'suicide bomb' drug dey increase for West Africa - UN

United Nations don warn say the market for opioid Tramadol don dey grow for West Africa.

One UN official say dem dey see the medicine for the pocket of suicide bombers.

UN's Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) talk sey the amount dem don seize don increase since 2013 from 300kg (660lb) to more than three tonnes a year.

For September, dem see three million tablets for inside box wey get UN logo for Niger Republic.

Opioid dey popular with Islamist militants Boko Haram.

Tori people Guardian bin report sey terrorist dem dey give small pickin before dem send dem make dem go do suicide bomb.

Dem bin seize 600,000 medicine for August for border between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Pierre Lapaque, wey be person wey dey represent the UNODC for West and Central Africa, dey warn sey make dem no allow the situation worse pass as e be because e go affect security for the world.

"Dem dey find Tramadol well well for the pocket of suspect wey dem arrest for terrorism for Sahel region, or people wey be suicide bomber".

"Na who dey give Boko Haram and al-Qaeda fighters this tablets, even small pikin dem wey dey ready for suicide bombings?"

UNODC sey na criminals dey bring this drug from Asia and e don cause big health wahala for the region, especially for northern part of Mali and Niger.

One woman for northern Mali tell the agency sey she dey see small pikin dem like 10 years old dey waka around "after dem take am".


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