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Smoke from Generator kill Nigerian Lady and her friend for Edo State

One Nigerian lady and her friend yesterday, die after dey inhale smoke from generator.

The dead body of Muobuikwu Uju Kate and Nkiru Anozie dem see dem for inside shop for on Second East Circular road Oredo Local Government Area for Edo State on Tuesday morning, December 12.

The owner of the shop Muobuikwu invite Anozie mek she come help her sew clothes. She turn on generator so that dem go fit work all throughout the night and deliver customer clothes.

 Her brother, Chukwudi confirm wetin happen, sey e receive call from e sister on Monday but e no fit reach her when e call back.

“I get call from my sister around 2pm when she complain sey her friend dey weak. I tell her mek she give her anointing oil. After some time, I call her mobile phone mek I know the situation of things but she no pick my call. So, I come here this morning and we invite the police mek dem force the door open.” Na so Chukwudi talk.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Johnson Kokumo, wey confirm this thing wey happen sey investigation show sey because dem inhale smoke from generator.

“I think dem be fashion designer wey don dey work all night, because dem wan meet up with their customer demand for this season,” na so Kokumo talk.

“Maybe they (deceased) get plenty things wey dem wan do for their customers and na  im mek dem sleep where generator dey on. So, na the smoke from generator kill dem. I think sey dem no know sey generator smoke dey kill.


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