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Nigeria: Shine your eye for fake anti-malaria drugs - NAFDAC

Nigerian pharmacist Ahmed Yakasai wey don dey the profession for over 34 years don blow alarm recently for social media say fake Coartem tablet don plenty for ground.

Coartem na popular anti-malaria drug wey plenty people for the country dey take, to fight the illness.

This matter serious sotey the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) bring out statement to draw ear, warn people say make dem shine their eyes on top the fake Coartem tablets.

Na just for November na im the World Health Organization bring out report say 1 in 10 medical products for developing countries na either low standard or fake.

How una fit know the fake and original?

Tori from NAFDAC be say the active ingredients wey dey the sachet of the fake Coartem tablets, dem write am wrong as artmethe/umfantrne, while the manufacturer, dem write wrong as NOVRTS.

Dem want make people know say the company wey dey produce the original Coartem tablets wey NAFDAC register na NORVATIS PHARMA AG be their name. While the active ingredients wey dey the original one na Artemether/Lumifantrine.

According to NAFDAC, if person swallow this fake Coartem tablets, e fit lead to poison because of the dangerous things wey dey inside.

E fit also make any treatment no work for the bodi, make the bodi dey resist drugs and even death.

For Twitter, Nigerians don react to the alarm wey Mr Yakasai raise, and also drop advise on top how people fit dodge the fake Coartem.

Tolu Chris tweet say make people dey scratch the security or Tamper evident label comot, and send wetin dey their to the short code wey dey the carton of the drugs, before dem leave the store where dem for buy am, to find out if na original.

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