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Seth Meyers blast Harvey Weinstein as e tackle Hollywood sex abuse scandal for im open speech

Seth Meyers blast Harvey Weinstein as e collect the Golden Globes awards.

The person wey host the award, tackle Hollywood sex abuse scandal as e crack some jokes about the disgrace movie mogul Weinstein and House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey.

Late night host Meyers' for im open speech no waste time as take talk about the scandal, as e say: 'Good evening ladies and the remaining gentlemen.'

E later add say: 'Harvey Weinstein no dey here this night because I hear rumor say e dey crazy and e dey difficult to work with am.

'But no worry, e go come back 20 years later when e become the first person ever to remember.'

As the stars dey talk small small “groan”, e add say: 'Na so e go sound.'

As the stars breath small, dey make sound like “Hmm” – many of dem wear black to  support the Time's Up movement - as Meyers continue to talk about Weinstein.

'This na 2018: Egbo “Marijuana”  dey legal and sexual harassment finally no dey legal,' the host add, to clap and praise.

E no dey easy for Meyer, but e received warm clap and praise from the crowd even if e don give yeye jokes about the scandal wey dey go on for Hollywood.


'Many people think say e for good, if to say na woman host the show, and dey fit dey correct, but if e go make your body dey well, I no get power for Hollywood,' na so Meyers talk.

Meyers comot mouth from Weinstein scandal, e see time take talk about President Donald Trump.

The Golden Globes host talk about 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner speech na there e roast Trump - then one person from the crowd tell am say e no dey qualify to be commander-in-chief.

E continue to talk: 'I just wan say: Oprah, you no go ever become president. You no wetin e take to become president. And [Tom] Hanks. Wey Hanks? You no go ever become vice president.'

Meyers end im talk, e mention the activists wey follow celebrities come as part of the Time's Up matter and e thank the movie and TV set employees wey dey work for plenty hours every day.

'Most of the job for film set na for people wey dey work for plenty hours. This people no dey there but we thank their rich papa, expect for that one PA. People for inside this room don really work hard to reach where dem dey, but e dey clear say the women na work hard pass.’ Na so im talk. 

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