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'Rice smugglers don get new way to enter market' - Customs Nigeria

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) sey dem don see new levels wey smugglers dey use take carry rice enter the country from border town of Mubi for Adamawa State.

That na according to Vanguard newspaper.

Adetoye Francis, wey be the Adamawa/Taraba Area Comptroller of NCS talk this one as im dey inspect one car and two tricycle wey dem sey smuggle rice from Mubi town.

Im sey the Command know the new style wey smugglers dey use, and na to dey operate like lorry wey carry sand, but dem go pack rice under. to take deceive Customs officials.

"The smugglers dey use the construction wey dey go on for Mubi dey carry tipper wey suppose carry sand for smuggling."

"The lorry wey dem arrest am for Mubi-Sahuda border road na with 52 bags of rice wey dem use sand cover," na wetin Francis talk.

Nigeria na one of the highest importers of rice for the world; rice na very popular food for Nigeria.

Nigeria rice statistics dem

◾For the past five years na nearly 17 million tonnes dem import

◾For 2016 na 2.3 million tonnes dem import

◾The demand for 2016 na 5.2 million tonnes

◾Na $5m (£4m) the country dey spend a day for rice shipments

◾Rice dey account for 1.26% for the entire budget for 2017

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