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President Buhari promise Nigerians say extra crude oil money go benefit everybody

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari announce for im social media account say im government go use profit from crude oil to take build road and give people light.

For inside one of the two messages wey President Buhari send on top im twitter account on Saturday morning, 28 January, im promise say im government no go do anyhow with the country money, like the former governments dem don do.

"I wan assure Nigerians say every extra money wey the Federal Government go make for 2018, from crude oil price wey dey go up for market, go enter work on top infrastructure projects: roads, rail, and power, wey go benefit all of our people," na so the President talk through im official twitter account @MBuhari.

Twitter post by @MBuhari: We will not repeat the mistakes of the past, when as a country we failed to fully utilize rising oil prices to develop our infrastructure. Our administration's pledge to you is that we will make every Naira count, for the development of Nigeria. #TheYearOfInfrastructure

At the end of the two message for social media, the President use the hashtag #TheYearofInfrastructure wey other account wey relate to the federal government like @NGRPresident and @AsoRock don begin use this year.

Nigerians react for social media

Twitter post by @eyisodogu: #TheYearOfInfrastructure No country can develop without uninterrupted power supply. #FG We appreciation your giant efforts but your number agenda should be the protection of lives in our country Nigeria and provide steady, healthy and attainable power supply.

Twitter post by @ChidiOkere7: Keep on doing your best sir.But ensure that you use your good office to stop the rampaging herdsmen

Twitter post by @Abrams_mufc: Is that so?


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