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Pedophilic Disorder for Nigeria

 Pedophilic disorder na when big person dey always dey sexually attracted to small pikin. Pedophilic na brain problem wey big person dey sexually attracted to small pikin. Paedophilia, pedophile,  pedophilic,  paraphilia all mean the same thing.

Na for late 19th century dem come take know am and give am the name pedophilic. Na men dey get pedophilia problem well well, but some women still get am too.

Wetin dey cause this thing “pedophilic” no body don really know am, but dem sey na problem for brain dey cause am, that is the wey the brain dey work and the wey the brain be. People never too know this problem pedophilic and  na only 5% of men get this pedophilic problem, women wey get this problem no plenty reach the men. But report don show sey some women dey sexually attracted to small pikin.

The result of pedophilic na sey person no go get respect  for imself  na im be low   self esteem,  when person no dey always happy na im be depression, and  problem for body na im be personal problem.  Dem never know if all this na the disorder  or na wetin follow person wey comit sex crime. Dem don do plenty test, but the test wey dem do   for 2000 show sey something join pedophilia with low sense, because dem no do well when dem do memory test, plenty na left hand, dem no dey do well for school matter and some don suffer head injury when dem dey for small pikin and plenty thing happen to their brain.

Nothing don show sey pedophilia get cure, but doctor dey try to help people wey get  pedophilia  problem, since dem go fit help dem hold body so that dem no go dey find small pikin to sleep with.

This na sex matter so e go hard to hold body, but dem need to mek effort and plan well so that dem fit dey hold body. Like to shift the testosterone this na old method for our country, but na wetin dem dey do for Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and some place for united state.

E no good to dey reject people  wey get pedophilia, or to dey stay away from dem for community because if we reject dem or dey stay away from dem, e fit increase their mental problem and e go still mek dem no gree go for help. Parent get their own role to play, because na their pikin get the problem so   e go good for dem to  dey follow up their pikin and mek dem always put their pikin for inside house, mek dem mek sure sey as dem  dey for inside house dem dey happy.

Pedophilia na very bad problem so e go good to dey hold program, so that people go know the bad thing wey pedophilia fit cause for their body and for the country.

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