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N-Power Don Show The Pre-Selection Process

N-Power start since 2016. The first time wey dem hold the program na 200,000 graduate  dem select from 350,000 graduate wey apply wey apply for the program.

For this year 2017, N-power portal don open for graduate wey apply for 13th June. The application wey dem get na 403% e take plenty pass 2016 own and when the application close for July 27th, 2017 na 2,543,079 people apply for the N-Power graduate program.

This year N-Power want mek everything better pass last year and dem no want dey get problem like salary matter na mek dem bring BVN validation matter com. People wey their name dey different from their BVN dem remove dem comot.

2,258,266 people na succeed the BVN matter. Dem invite dem mke dem write the test. 1,746454 people na gree write the test. Before we select the 300,000 we check:

  1. Their BVN number for online.
  2. Wetin dem don get.
  3. We link the selection with population from Federal area.
  4. We look wetin the  graduate apply for.
  5. We look 2016 matter for where we send the people go.
  6. We control the matter where we go send dem go for this year.
  7. We mek equal i.e the people wey go go village and city.
  8. Program matter na- tech/agric/health

We don do wetin we call pre-selection, so we don pre-select the 300,000 graduate this people go go for the physical verification stage. We want mek everybody know about wetin we dey do and the wey we dey do am.


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