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No Better Person For Presidency Like President Buhari-Okorocha

The governor of Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha  sey no better person for presidency  like President Muhammadu Buhari. Okorocha talk this thing when e dey talk with the leader of Democratic Youths Congress of Buhari 2019”, who go visit the governor for government house for Owerri on Tuesday.

E tell Nigeria mek dem support President Buhari  the second time, e sey na only two  Governors for Nigeria no support mek Buhari come back for the second time.

E sey “Buhari na better for this country, im believe Buhari well well and im talk am before sey if Buhari come out for president, im no go come out. God don chose Buhari to be Nigeria president and some of us know sey Buhari na the best”.

Okoracha sey as Nigeria quick comot from recession this show sey Buhari na better perso. E sey im go support Buhari any time and e beg al Nigerian mek dem still support Buhari for the second time.

E sey if we support Buhari for the second time this go bring the new Nigeria wey we want. This go put Nigeria first and e go mek us get unity.

“Our country dey pass challenge and we need person like Buhari to help us”.

“Mek people no use wetin happen for Anambra election take judge Buhari, mek dem still support am”.

“The government and the people Anambra support President Buhari, wetin happen na sey APC leader for Anambra get disagreement na mek us no win the election”.

The National Chairman of the group, Mr Kassim Kassim sey dem come beg Okorocha mek e no come out for 2019 presidential election.

E sey OKorocha dey qualify to come out as president, dem need e support so that Buhari fit complete e good work for the country.

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