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'Nigerians no dey do cyber-hygiene'-Ajijola

The age of internet and information technology don increase the way dem dey thief data and cyber hacking around di world, including for Nigeria.

The join body for Nigeria on top information technology, National Information Technology Development Agency on Monday release report say dem dey get signal say more cyber attacks fit happen for Nigeria this year.

Dem say the attacks go target the banking, health, power and transportation systems, including some other critical national infrastructure.

Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola na Commissioner for one join body on top Cyberspace, the Global Commission for the stability of Cyberspace, im say data na the new oil. Im say Nigerians no dey do 'cyber hygiene' to protect their 'oil'.

"Your data na your own, e fit be your bank details or your family information, na your own and e get value, if person take am, understand am, na risk. Last week we hear of how people attack crypto exchange for Japan, if you dey do am your crypto key dey safe?"

"All those organisations wey dey keep our data for big quantity, bank, telecomm company, hospitals, INEC, road safety, imagine say dem hack dem get important information, e no only concern big man dem but di ordinary woman wey dey sell akara go dey affected because she dey use these organisations." Na so im talk.

Woman dey look her computer

Wetin you fit do to stay safe?

According to Mr Ajijola, organisations and people need to dey extra careful with the way dem dey handle data. One of the things to do to stay safe na basic cyber hygiene.

"No share password and always dey update your software system, make sure say you get beta anti-virus wey you dey update all the time."

"The way dem dey talk for health mata say you get to wash your hand to prevent germs, na so e be with cyber security." Im talk.

Another way to stay safe na to think, reason things well well.

"For example I get three different emails from people I know, but dem no be like the way dem go normally talk to me, so wetin I do na to Whatsapp am tell am to confirm give me say na im send the mail and im say no." Na so im talk.

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