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Nigeria need $149mn to save lives- UNICEF

United Nations don cry out say im need $149 mn take better the lives of people and pikin dem wey the suffer on top fight and natural disaster for northeast Nigeria, this year.

Na UNICEF oga for Emergency Programme, Manuel Fontaine, wey be the child agency for UN, talk say all the money wey dem need to save people live for 51 countries go reach $3.6 billion, for inside press statement.

E say the international community suppose take action now if not, up to 48 million pikin no go get better future and some of dem go die.

The $3.6 billion na for UNICEF to provide food, hospital, water, schools and clean areas dem for pickin for 51 countries plus Nigeria.

"Pikin wey suffer pass well well wen fight happen and this wahala the scatter hospital, water and sanitation. Unless the international community stand up to protect this pikin, dem no go get better future," na wetin oga Fontaine talk.

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