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Meltdown and Spectre bug dey worry modern computer and phone

Apple say the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer dem get two problems wey dey affect dem.

Na this week technology companies dey try fix two problems, Meltdown and Spectre, wey fit allow hackers steal the information of people wey dey use the product.

Na for there Apple blog talk this one. Dem say e don already release some patch but dem never get evidence say hackers don try use dem.

Dem advice people wey dey use any of the device to download their app only from places wey dem fit trust.

two apple laptop

Before this time, people wey dey use Mac products dey believe say their security tight pass android phones and computer wey dey use Microsoft system.

But dem talk say, Meltdown and Spectre dey "affect nearly all" modern computer wey dey use parts wey Intel and ARM company dem supply all di computer market wey dey for world.

Meltdown no dey affect Apple Watch because, the Meltdown bug na Intel wahala and di watch no get any Intel parts.

Google and Microsoft don already give their own statement to tell people which of thrir product get the problem.

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