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Many of Mugabe Branch Want Mek E Go

Eight of the 10 regional branch of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe  ZANU-PF party tell  am on Friday mek e go.

Cornelius Mupereri wey be the spokesman for the party for midland  sey “The party don vote to call the president back. Dem vote so that im no go be president and governor   of the party again”.

Im  na one of the official wey show for ZBC night news to tell the 93 years old president mek e do wetin dem call coordinate effort, all the official talk one thing.

Dem tell Mugabe mek e go since  general  don collect power from am on Tuesday night and put am for house arrest.  

Army  come last week after Mugabe sack the Vice President (VP) Emmerson Mnangagwa, military want mek im replace Mugabe if e die or go.

As Mugabe sack am e mek way for e wife Grace Mugabe to be become the VP. This matter na mek military officer vex. E party still want mek im go.

Mugabe go see retired soldier (Independence  war) with e opponent  protect for street on Saturday.


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