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Man Give Im Mother-In-Law Belle For Nassarawa State

  • 45-year-old farmer and carpenter wey im name na John Ulaha, report say e give im mother-in-law belle and e put im wife, Victoria for one corner.

According to news wey Sunonline report, for inside September 2017, John and im mother-in-law, Mrs. Ashetu Igbasue, 42, relocate go Awe for Nassarawa State, becuase make e for quick harvest im plant. Three months after dem comot, Ashetu wey be im morther-in-law carry belle.

Mrs. Igbasue, say their love start for inside farm like joke, like play like play dey end up for inside bed for night

“I agree im get sex with am and i think say na just to satisfy im sexual feelings, but somehow, e come be everyday thing,” she confess.

“I no ever think say I go carry belle because of my age. I tell my daughter the truth so that we can go fit find solution, she vex open her mouth go public. I don regret my wetin i do. Wetin dey my mind na to remove the belle.

My daughter be first agree to find person wey go help me comot the belle because I no go fit keep am. The whole thing na temptation and I completely regret. I don beg her for forgiveness.”

John claim say im mother-in-law na seduce am because she dey always open her body if dem dey work for farm, especially, if two of dem come together dey eat.

“She dey always sit down half-naked for my front; before i dey feel embrass first,” na so e talk.

“But I later tell her say this thing wey she dey do, she dey invite me and as a man, i fall for the temptation, and e come enter another level. And the two of us continue to dey sleep together until our action result to belle.”

Victoria dey disappointed for wetin her husband do, see wetin she talk:

“E for better for am to marry the second wife wey go dey house or even look for girlfriend wey go satisfy am for my back than the one wey e go do with my own mama; na shameful thing and na abomination of the highest order; e dey wrong.”

Victoria promise say she go do something about the matter ones she come out from the shock. But for now, she no talk say she go comot from the marriage.

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