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Lagos State record over 1,000 cases of domestic violence for 2017- Nigeria

Chiwendu na 29 year old mother of four children. If neighbours no shout call police for her matter, the story for be say she for die as her husband dey beat her.

She say her husband don carry hammer nack her head before, but the one wey pain her pass na when im beat her wen she get eight months belle sotey her pikin die for her inside belle.

Wetin Ore want na for her son to come back to her. For the past six months, she never take eye see her pikin. Ever since she begin friend her husband, na constant beating she dey endure before dem marry for court for 2011 and she come born her son. But for 2015, na im the worst happen as her husband beat her sotey she faint. E come trowey her things for outside say e no wan marry again after e keep their pikin for im mama place. Today their matter dey court.

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This na just two example of wetin many people, especially women dey suffer for Lagos State, wey come make the government set up the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team DSVRT for 2014 to chook eye for this matter so people fit report to dem and dem take action.

Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi na im be the coordinator. She say since dem start work proper for 2015, dem don receive plenty reports of househelp wey dem dey suffer, rape case dem, child abuse and sexual molestation including husband and wife wahala. That one no mean say this cases don increase but e show say many people don dey come out report am.

She say for 2015, dem receive like 100 reports, e come increase to 450 for 2016 and last year, dem get over 1000 reports wey some of dem dey for court. So far dem don get conviction for four rape cases, conviction of four years each for two child sexual molestation cases, including 12 restraining orders against husband wey dey abuse the wife. She say, "we hope say people go get more boldness and confidence to approach court and get justice."

Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi

The DSVRT co-ordinator say if person notice any form of child abuse or domestic violence for their area, make dem quick quick call dem or dial *6820#. You no need to put your name wen u dey report..

Mrs. Adeniyi say dem don also record some success stories where the husband don accept say wetin im don no good, for that kind case, dem get psychotherapy counselling and dey follow up.

For people wey no want the marriage again, dem get empowerment programme for dem as Lagos State government set up the Domestic and Sexual Violence Trustfund last year so dat wen dem apply, dem fit help dem start small business. For those wey wan start afresh, dem fit also help dem get accommodation or if dem like relocate to another state.

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