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Kim Kardashian braid dey cause wahala as she go topless to recreate Bo' Derek iconic shoot-See pictures

Popular reality TV star Kim Kardashian dey break the internet again but this time na because of her latest hairstyle.

The star start war ontop social media after she post video of her new braids ontop snapchat come call am "Bo Derek" braids.

Bo derek na American film actress and she wear the style for inside film wey she been act for 1979.

People yab her well well say she sound like say na Bo Derek originate the hairstyle instead of the Fulani people for Africa.

We're going to need another bottle! Kim Kardashian's assistant spritzes her behind with make-up as she poses on the beach in Malibu while recreating Bo Derek's iconic look from the 1979 film

Dream team: As she stood on the sand, assistants buzzed around, primping and dressing an amiable Kim

Don't smudge the make-up! A female dresser was tasked with making sure Kim's bikini looked just right, carefully rearranging the two-piece as Kim went topless for some shots

Careful now: The reality star steps out of her outfit in the ocean waves

Toweling off: Kim is seen drying herself after being caught in the waves during the shoot

Spot the difference: Kim did her best to recreate the Bo's iconic fantasy scene

Spot the difference: Kim did her best to recreate the Bo's iconic fantasy scene

Soft focus: Kim revealed her silver corn rows on Sunday in a Snapchat post - causing a stir amongst fans

Rear view: The reality star is known for her curvy figure, which she keeps in shape by working out with a personal trainer

No maternity leave here! The working mother was born photographed and filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Caught out: An unexpected wave splashed Kim, and left her photographer jumping to safety to protect his equipment

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