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Jet Airways suspend two pilots wey fight for inside plane for Air- India

Two pilots for India Jet Airways dey suspension after dem fight for cockpit as dem dey fly from London go Mumbai.

The India airline confam say "misunderstanding" happen between di cockpit crew as dem dey fly plane go Mumbai from London on January 1.

As the two senior commanders begin fight, the man-commander slap the woman-commander, then the woman commander cry comot from cockpit.

Na with abeg from the flight attendants she take gree go back to the cockpit only to run comot again this time with more cry sef.

This time she no gree go back sotey her co-pilot leave the plane with nobody to control am, to go beg her to come back to cockpit.

The Director General of India civil aviation don suspend the man-pilot licence as dem dey chook eye for the matter.

Na 324 passengers and 14 air workers dey inside the Jet Airways flight 9W 119 wey travel on new year day.

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