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Dem No Sack Me, I Still Dey Work-Maina

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami sey the letter wey show mek former chairman Pension Reform Task Force Alhaji Abdulrasheed Maina start work anain no come from e office.

Malami talk this on Thursday when im appear for House of Representative Ad  hoc committee wey dey look the matter  how “Maina disappear, reappear, come back and e promotion”.

E sey “but im office dey try look how dem take remove am, but im no give order mek e come back to work”.

“Maina show court processes, judgment and the order mek Attorney-General consider am. The judgment and the order carry 2013 and 2014 date and by that time dem never appoint me as attorney-General.

“But for October 5, 2017 Maina matter wey dey for my file show sey we dey work on am.

“So the letter wey show sey mek im start work no go fit come frome my office”. Na so Malami talk.

E  sey the thing wey im office show sey mek  Maina come back to work no get wayo inside.

“My work na to take action wey ministries of justice, departments, agencies and people bring come”.

The Head of Civil Service of the Federation Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita sey the letter wey show  mek Maina come back to work reach my office, the letter come  from AGF.

“when I get the letter, I hold the letter because I need tomek something clear first.

“So I dey surprise when I see Maina don start work as Minister of Interior without any letter. I hear am the matter from media.

“The original copy of the letter dey with me so im no go fit start work as Minister of Interior, if Civil Service of the Federation no know anout am”. Na so Oyo-Ita talk.

Minister of Interior Abdulrahman Dambazzua, sey the minister office no get hand for the matter as dem remove Maina for 2013 and as dem still bring am back for 2017.

“After I check I see sey the former oga no get hand for the matter wey dem tae remove am for 2013 and for 2017 the minister no still get hand for the matter wey im take start work back.

“This matter na  only for permanent secretary office,  Head of Service and Federal Civil Service Commission  na go fit handle am”. Na so Dambazzau talk.
Maina lawyer Mr. Muhammed Katu wey come stand for Maina talk against wetinxthe Head of Service and the Chairman of Federal Service Commission talk, the lawyer shock everybody as e talk sey dem no sack Maina. E sey Maina be still dey do im work for federal government, in fact e sey the man work reach October 2017 and e beg mek dem give plenty time so that e go fit bring evidence come.

E sey Maina disappear because dem threaten to kill am, sey theman go show soon show face to come talk im side of the stori.

Katu tell the committee mek dem allow dem arrest am, im go show face.

E sey “I go tell you sey dem no sack Maina na only query dem give am. The query come from Senate committee and Maina carry the matter go court. Court sey im no follow procedure so dem put the matter for corner.

“Dem sign the query on February 15, 2013, we quick quick carry the matter go court and talk sey the matter dey for court”.

Maina run because dem dey threaten e life. Give am security from all agancies im go show face.

“When the matter of sey dem sack from work come up. E sey Maina still dey work for federal government.

“Tomorrow I go show una documents to let una know sey last month dem send file go im office for am to talk on(minute) as Acting Director. The matter dey court. Now the question be sey people wey sack am dem get power do sack am?”

One member for the committee Ayo Omidiran remind Katu sey on August 4, 2014 Maina beg mek dem carry im sack matter back and mek dem bring am back to work.



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