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"I no get strong head, but I no gree"-Zuma

South Africa President Jacob Zuma talk say im no go gree with the decision of im party for am to resign.

This one dey come after im party, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) ask am to step down make the new leader of the party; Cyril Ramaphosa take over.

Zuma wey grant live interview to South Africa tori people SABC, say ANC no give am reason why im suppose commot, dem dey very unfair.

"Dem no give me reason to resign, I no dey strong head but I no gree with their decision."

"I find am strange say dem say I suppose go so the new president go step in, e no rhyme even with the policy of the party."

"Why we no discuss am? Nobody wan discuss am because no be issue. The other problem I get na say when we go conference, issues wey dey ground wey we suppose discuss wey dem suppose raise, dem no dey discuss am, even this one dem no discuss am for the conference so that dem go decide am for dia."

President Zuma say im no understand wetin the rush be say make im resign. "Wetin dem suppose work on now na to set timeframe, work together, show the world and South Africa say ANC dey together because of election wey dey come so," im talk.

"Some of di leaders for AU na my colleagues and friends, I suppose hold the president hand go the next AU summit now to introduce am give dem."

Na so im talk.

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