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Husband-To-Be Kill Im Fiancee 5 Days To Their Wedding After She Find Out Sey E Dey Cheat On Her

One Thai electrical engineer, Ronnachai Panchart confess to police sey e kill im fiancée, less than one week before their wedding.

The 28-year-old agree to the crime after dem interrogate am for many hours, e agree sey im kill the government dental official 25-year-old Nontiya Krowjatturat, early on Tuesday morning for Tha Sae district of Chumphon province.

Ronnachai and Nontiya dem suppose marry on Christmas Eve for Nontiya’s hometown for province’s Sawi district

Although police still dey try get detail from the killer, e be like sey na because e dey flirt well well na  im cause the wahala between dem.

Nontiya, wey dem know as Dr Por dem see her dead body with gunshot wound for her chest inside hospital staff room that morning.

Tambon Salui hospital officials tell police sey dey hear noise wey sound like fire crack for that midnight from the direction wey the victim dey lodge, but dem no care to check wetin mek the sound.

Some co-workers come start to dey suspect when the victim no show up for work in the morning, dem go the lodge go find her. Dey see sey the door of the lodge dey lock from inside, but dem trace sey the window break.

One of dem peep through the window and e see a pool of blood for ground. Then dey help break the door open and see the victim dead body for ground.

Although the hospital compound get security cameras, but one wey dey near her room dem don touch am so that e go face anoda direction. The cameras wey dey nearby show one man wey wear face mask as e enter the compound around 1am and e comot after 20 minutes.

After police look the cloth wey the person wear for the CCTX camera for where the thing dor happen, police search Ronnachai house and dem see the cloth wey be like wetin the man wear for the surveillance video.


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