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How You Go Take Become Rice Farmer

Now wey Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari for im New Year talk, announce say the country go stop rice import for 2018, many people fit dey consider to enter di business of rice farming.

The president say "local rice, fresher and more nutritious go dey our plate from now on."

For inside one 2014 interview wey former Nigeria Minister of Agriculture Akinwunmi Adesina do with local tori people Channels TV, im say na rice farming dey bring money pass any other agriculture farming for Nigeria and with President Buhari government 2018 ban on rice import, this one mean say rice farming for the country fit begin grow well well.

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari on rice import ban

So if person wan start rice farm for Nigeria, where you go begin from? How you go even take start?

Where correct land dey for rice farming?

Many states for Nigeria get the kind land wey dey okay to take plant rice because e fit grow on almost any kind of land.

Even though land wey get water inside, like poto-poto, na im better pass for rice farming.

Benue, Borno, Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Taraba, Lagos, Enugu, Cross River and Ebonyi na some of the states wey rice farming dey do very well.

Which kind rice seed dey grow well?

Because different different rice seed type dey wey person fit plant for Nigeria, person must choose based on many things like the kind of soil wey dey the land, whether water go dey, or disease wey fit catch am.

Some dey wey fit grow for dry season, others dey wey there weed no too dey plenty. The different different number wey dem dey carry na to separate dem.

The popular types for Nigeria be:

FARO 44 - This seed dey produce high rice harvest and im harvest time dey short pass many of di other rice seed.

Na FARO 44 popular pass for Nigeria, even the former agriculture minister say na correct rice seed.

FARO 52 - The harvest time of dis FARO 52 dey tay pass FARO 44 but di size of di harvest dey plenty pass am.

Rice farm for India

Where you fit get this seeds?

  • Africa Rice Centre (AfricaRice)
  • State Agricultural Development Project (ADP) from state governments
  • River Basin Development Authority
  • National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC)
  • Commercial seed companies
  • Other farmers wey dey plant rice

Where you fit get loan money?

  • Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Agricultural loan - N75billion dey available.
  • Bank of Agriculture (BOA) - Small loans from like N100,000 dey available.
  • Agriculture Co-operative Society - Like All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Youth Empowerment in Agricultural program (YEAP), and FADAMA
  • Commercial Banks

Workers for rice warehouse

Fact on rice in Nigeria

Nigeria import 2.3 million tonnes for 2016

Nigeria dey spend $5m a day on top rice shipment

Rice na 1.26% of the entire Nigeria budget for 2017

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