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How to comot everything wey Google know about you

E know wetin you dey search for, wetin dey interest you, and the websites wey you dey visit, and plenty other things.

We dey talk about Google, the world most popular search engine.

"When you use Google services, you dey trust us with your data."

That na how the tech giant dey open all mouth tell their users wetin dem fit expect for the first line of their privacy terms and conditions.

But wetin you fit no know na sey Google dey give the chance to comot any information wey dey there "My activity" section.

You fit do so with this simple steps.

1. Delete my activity

Every time you do one Google search, di company go always link am with your account.

E dey also register every movement wey you make, like if you fill out form or browse through your inbox for Gmail.

All this data dey inside site wey dem call "My activity" - and na that place you need to go.

Captura de pantalla

You fit use the search function to find the real thing or pages wey you wan delete (and then find other things wey join am if you need) or you fit delete all products or selected products with special date.

The "nuclear option" na to delete "all products" for "all time".

Na so warning go show from Google about wetin fit happen if you choose dis one, but for real life, if you comot your Google search history and the record of your browsing e no mean sey bad thing go happen, not even on top how your Google account and applications go dey work.

2. Delete all di activity for your on YouTube

Google dey also tracks check all you searches and wetin you watch on top YouTube.

Screen grab

But this na also something wey you fit delete sharp sharp. First click on top "History" wey dey the left-hand menu, then click on "Clear all search history" and "Clear watch history".

Or you fit choose special searches or watched items to delete.

3. How to delete everything wey advertisers know about you

No be only sey Google know everything about you, but dem dey pass dis information give advertisers.

That na why you dey always see adverts wey dey match your search history.

But no worry - you you fit see the kind information wey dem dey pass to advertisers.

To do this one, log in to your Google account, make you enter the "Personal info & privacy" section.

Screen grab

Wetin you dey look for this time na the "Ads Settings" option. Click on top am and press "Manage ads settings".

Then you go see option for "Ads personalisation". If you deactivate this one, you no go dey receive adverts wey dey related to other information wey Google get about you.

Screen grab

The option not to receive adverts at all no dey there shall.

Screen grab

Google go warn you say this one no make sense for you, because you no go fit dey see advert wey get connect to things wey you like, but na you get the right to choose.

4. Delete your Google location history

If you dey use Android device, Google dey keep list of places wey you be don visit with your phone or tablet with their Timeline function.

You fit comot the location tracking, and delete all the history, or one day or over some time. You fit even delete comot trips or stops by once you press the waste basket button.

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