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Herdsmen killings: Buhari dey sleep on top bicycle- Wole Soyinka

The way Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari government don handle the kill for north central Benue state dey vex person.

This na according to Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, wey say if e take eye see Buhari, im go tell am say "I think you dey for trance; and e go better for Nigeria make you quick wake up."

Im say as things dey go, make people no wait to line up coffin as e happen for Benue, before dem organize against herdsmen.

Mr Soyinka be dey speak to tori people for Freedom Park, Lagos, and im talk put mouth inside the wahala wey fight between herdsmen and farmers don cause.

buhari hold security meeting

The playwright add say "time don reach wia we must demand security people to clean out the forest."

"Make dem set deadline wen dem go disarm herdsmen."

Na at least 73 people don die, and injure plenty join, after suspected Herdsmen bin do different attack for Benue state.

The matter serious sotay Nigeria senators don begin drag the country police oga, say im must explain why police never arrest anybodi, over the attacks.

"No kain business get right to take life of other people."

Prof. Soyinka say cows and cow dealers sef get right but rules must dey.

Im talk say e be like say some politicians want make fight dey from Maiduguri reach Lagos.

Prof. Soyinka say "No kind business get right to take life of other people."

Im follow talk say even though security no suppose be citizen job, but time don reach wey civil society must do something to protect demsef.

The playwright come blast government and the way wey Defence Minister, Mansur Mohammed Dan Ali, open mouth talk say herdsmen dey kill because people block di road wey cow dey pass.

"Why this man still dey for office? Which kind dey tolerate this kind person for office."

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