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Health Tip: Check 10 food wey be anti-cancer

According to research, one third of people for America wey dey die of cancer, na diet fit dey cause am. Which kind food we go dey eat? The answer na no dey eat food wey go fit cancer and start to healthy food.
This list go mek you know anti-cancer food:

1. Cabbage family
Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage get something wey dem dey call indole-3 carbinol this thing dey help fight breast cancer because e dey change the thing wey dey cause ‘estrogen’ cancer to some better substance. Broccoli get one chemical wey dem dey call  sulforaphane, this chemical dey help comot free radical. This one dey prevent cancer for yash ‘colon and rectal cancers’. This vegetable fit  become sweet ingredient wey you go dey use for salads, sandwiches and soups.

2. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain plenty red color pigment wey dem dey call lycopene wey dey fight against free radicals for body. This radicals na im dey mek cancerous cell dey development. Vitamin C present wey dey for tomatoes dey prevent cellular damage wey dey cause cancer. This one dey reduce risk of prostate cancer.

3. Red grapes
Red grapes or grape juice dey good to prevent cancer. Grapes contain bioflavinoids wey dey fight against cancer. E dey give resveratrol and ellagic acid wey dey stop the enzymes wey dey mek cell and tumor growth.

4. Green tea
Green tea get plenty antioxidants, polyphenols. This dey mek cancerous cell division process slow. E dey to reduce risk of cancer for belle, yash ‘colon and rectum’, lungs, liver and pancreas.

5. Green vegetables
Leafy green vegetable like lettuce, spinach, kale get plenty fibers, folate and carotenoids. Dem dey block the radicals so that dem no go fit change to cancerous cells for tissues. This nutrients dey prevents cancer of skin, mouth, larynx and pancreas.

6. Seeds and nuts
Flax get plenty lignans wey dey block cancerous change for body. Nuts get antioxidants like quercetin and campferol wey dey suppress cancer growth.

7. Soy products
Tofu and soy milk na examples of the soy products. This products get phytoestrogens wey dey block or reduce cancerous change for body. This one dey reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer well well. Isoflavones and genistein dey no dey let cancerous cell for our body.

8. Avocadoes
Avocadoes fruits get plenty antioxidants wey dem dey call glutathione. Dem dey attack free radicals and dey prevent pre-cancerous cell growth. Research don show sey dem get  better better use against viral hepatitis wey fit cause liver cancer.

9. Limit alcohol intake
Alcohol don show sey e fit cause cancers for mouth, throat, larynx, yash ‘colon and rectum’, liver and breast cancer for women body. Chronic and binge alcohol use fit damage our liver, this fit mek the liver big pass as e suppose to be (inflammation of liver tissue). This fit cause liver cancer. Even you dey drink small small alcohol every week e fit increase the risk of breast cancer for women, especially if dem no dey take plenty folate for their diet.

10. Drink enough water
Water dey good well well. E dey protects us from cancer too because e dey dilute the thing wey fit cause cancer for our bladder.

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