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Five correct beach for holiday jolly inside West Africa

Times like this when the year dey end na so so holiday dey plenty people mind but where to go na im sometimes dey be the challenge.

Beach wey be place where you go meet nature breeze and ocean water, na one of the popular spots dem holiday makers dey like go to jolly during holiday.

To make your decision for the end of year holiday easy, we don find out some better beach wey you go catch fun, chopulate and jollificate around West Africa for this new year holiday.

Labadi Beach for Accra, Ghana

People pack enter di Labadi beach for Accra

Na popular beach wey go ginger you to jolly because na im busy pass for all the sand wey dey near ocean inside Ghana.

This beach dey near Teshie for Greater Accra Region of Ghana but you go pay gate fee if you dey lodge for the hotel wey dey inside the area.

Kribi Beach, Douala, Cameroon

Kribi beach na joint to jolly for Cameroon

Kribi na beach resort wey be place to catch fun inside Cameroon during holiday like this.

Na popular joint for fresh fish and cold drinks. The beach range nature with grey sand wey just wide, full everywhere. E dey inside Douala for the same area where sea port dey.

Elegushi Beach for Lagos, Nigeria

Elegushi na private beach but people sabi pack enter there to catch fun dis season.

If you wan jam plenty people at the same time dey jolly dey go, den Elegushi na the place to visit.

Na private beach for Lekki area of Lagos wey people like to go sit down catch fun and enjoy nature. But e get gate fee of $3 for you to enter the beach.

River No. 2 Beach, Freetown, Sierra Leone

People wey dey enjoy demself for River No. 2 Beach

River No. 2 Beach just dey outside Freetown for Sierra Leone, e get pure white sand and green mountain dem. Na place wey you go even wan paddle go the waterfall.

Cap Skiring, Senegal

Cap Skiring, Senegal

Cap Skiring, na town inside Atlantic Ocean river side for Basse Casamance (Ziguinchor) region of Senegal.

Na popular seaside resort with Europeans and even get airport and golf course. Na jolliment zone to ball for this holiday season.

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