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Cameroon Anglophone crisis: governor don ban firearms, ammunition business

The crisis for northwest region don make governor ban firearms and ammunition, and population go give any local or imported gun for authorities.

This wan na decision for Northwest Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique. For six months and above, government don suspend the use, keep, selling and buying of local gun firearms and ammunition.

"Any man weh e the keep gun, make e go give am for authorities and collect receipt", na wetin governor advice for release for 1 February.

The statement still say na the socio-political crisis, insecurity, threats and attack dem from terrorist group for the region don push governor for take dis decision.

Law enforcement officer dem go do search and the carry out control so if dey catch any man with gun or ammunition now, de person go taste music for law.

Make population respect this decision weh e be na for protect dem with their property and for safeguard country, na wetin governor the advice people.


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