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Benue protest organisers accuse Nigerian Army say dem shoot three people

People wey organise protest waka for Benue State, north central Nigeria, dey accuse Nigerian Army say dem shoot, kill two people and wound one of their members.

On Wednesday, hundreds of Benue youth enter street dey protest the killing of twenty Benue people for Guma and Logo local government areas of the state.

Dem say na Fulani herdsmen enter the villages come dey shoot innocent people and burn their houses and hut.

Dem block major road for the state and burn tyre for streets.


Irene Awunah -Ikyegh wey be one of the organisers, say the shooting happen wen the protesters block road and as the commandant of the 72 battalion dey come back from security meeting, the people no allow am pass.

She say na im army come dey impatient, come begin dey shoot.

But the Assistant Director of Information for Nigerian Army 707 Special Force, Olabisi Ayeni, say the army no get any information say dem shoot protesters.

Irene say na lie Ayeni talk. She talk say one of the people wey bullet go hit no even follow for the protest. She say that person just dey come back from where im go chop, when the bullet hit am.

She say the person dey receive treatment for one hospital for Makurdi, the state capital.

Irene dey vex give military say dem get hand inside di kata-kata wey dey happen for the state.

But di Nigerian Army don deny that kind claim. The Army say dem dey "constitutionally responsible to protect the lives of every Nigerian," and their ethics no go allow dem take side for the kata kata wey dey happen for Benue.

Irene Awunah -Ikyegh

Also, police for Benue State say dem dey investigate the matter about the shooting wey happen during the protest on Wednesday.

Police talk talk person, Moses Yamu, say dem still dey look into that matter. Yamu say wetin police sabi for now be say some bad boys bin highjack the protest but dem no know wetin cause their death.

Im still talk say all the security people dey meeting for Nassarawa State to see how dem go deal with the kata kata wey dey happen for the state.

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