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Begger Don Take Aba, Abia State

Beggers don full everywhere for Aba, Aba wey be the commercial city of Abia State don full with beggers. The begger dey run for traffic dey beg for money.

The street beggers dey all the major junction for Aba State, dey disturb people as dem dey pass. Dem dey for Bata junction to wey dem dey call Christ the King Catholic, CKC. Church along Asa Road junction, to market Road, dem don dey everywhere for the city.

Some of dey carry pikin and dem dey run follow motor, then the old one and the one wey dey sick stay for better position dey beg for money.

South-East voice look sey this beggers dey appear with different different style and some of dem no fit speak Igbo language. Most of dem wear dirty cloth, dem some carry pikin wey dey sick.

South-East voice sey new style don enter s dem dey see complete man and woman wey dey beg for street, office, motor park and church. Some dey waka go any where wey dem for dey do marriage, burial, pikin decatio n and where person for dey open e new house.

Chairman of Civil Liberties Organisation  , Aba unit Prof Charles Chinekezi sey mek Abia State Government do something about this matter. Mek dem build house, and place wey this people fit learn work so that dem fit help their self and dem go stop to beg money and for food.

The South-East voice go Ministry of Women Affair and Social Development, the person wey talk sey government no fold hand because of the matter, she sey some ofmthe begger dem trowey dem come the city.  

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