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Adamawa State Lawmaker Welcome Three Pikin(Triplet) After 24 Years Of Their Marriage

The wife of one member for Adamawa State House of Assembly, Lumsambani Dilli don  born triplet after 24 years of their marriage.

“Both the mama and the three pikin are dey alive and strong,” na so the new papa of the pikin talk on Wednesday.

The lawmaker dey happy and e dey represent Demsa Local Government for Adamawa state, e sey im dey proud and happy to be father of three fine babies after 24 years wey dem don marry.

“We find out sey we na triplet we wan born; I dey  proud and happy sey after 24 years of our marriage, my wife fit deliver three strong, beautiful babies. I no fit talk our my belle dey sweet me now wey I don get pikin”

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