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US No Gree Release the Money Wey Abacha Thief Because the Money dey for their Currency US Dollars

United state (US) government don claim hundreds of millions of dollars wey Sani Abacha put for abroad.

Americans tell court for one foreign country sey them get eye for the money matter because na their currency them take save the money, US dollar.

Attorney General of the Federation and minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN) and one right activitist Mr Femi Falana (SAN) talk about am for Lagos.

Malami  wey be the guest speaker, Falana wey be chief Chairman, Special Investigation Panel for Assets Recovery Okoi Obono-Obla, with some other people wey dey the seminar wey Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) organize.

The seminar title na Promotion Transparency and Accountability for Recovery of Stolen Assets for Nigeria: Proposal for the Reform , dem hold am together with Ford Foundation, USA.

“We don see where Federal Government of Nigeria engage counsel to recover our money wey people thief and the matter dey for many years,” na so im talk.

“For the eve of judgment, the government for one country submit application for joinder, this matter dey for seven years and the judgment dey go on wey dem go deliver for the next day”.

“The government of the country submit , sey ‘Even though the money no dey for our bank, even though you think we get connection with the funds, the money dey for our currency and na hundreds of millions of dollars for our currency we dey talk so. If you want carry the money comot from our state we get interest for the matter”.

Na so the judgment take go. So the people wey dey thief money carry to other country dey do us evil, because ones the money comot from Nigeria e don miss be that.”

But Falana, accuse United State, Switzerland, United Kingdom and other western nation sey dem dey deceive Nigeria about to return the money wey our people thief go put for their banks, im sey mostly US.

“Nigeria find part of the money wey Abacha thief for inside Jersey, one island for United Kingdom. The Attorney-General sey im dey for the country when dem convict the person, sey the money leave Nigeria pass Kenya and enter Jersey. The money na from late Abacha,” na so im talk.

“Nigeria be want collect the money wey remain. But America submit objection sey dem no go release the money for Nigeria.”

“The court ask dem why, dem sey if dem want relese the money, mek dem release am to US government, so that dem  fit help Nigeria manage am”.

“The other $321million, wey dey for switzerland one notorious conduit for corruption, get mouth to sey ‘World Bank go manage the money, sey dem no go release the money”.

Falana sey mek Federal Government no put mind for all this money  wey dem thief put for this countries.

“United Nations Convention Against Corruption don put order mek all countries dey help each other but all this western countries no dey help us. Mek our government stop to put hope for dem”.

Silk sey im don advise and government dey think to carry all this foreign bank go court wey dem take dey hold all the money illegally.

Obono-Obla sey: “e no want mention name, but dem find out sey one director for Federal Government ministry, get many companies wey im take dey mek money and e no mention all this companies for e asset. The man dey for soup.

The Special Assistant to President for prosecution don vow sey the panel no go let any one go if dem know sey e dey thief money. He beg Nigerian to give information if dem know any one wey buy property with thief money.

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