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Like 500 People go Come Sheraton Hotel Abuja for Road Awareness UNICEF Fund Raising


Like 500 people go come for this year Sheraton Abuja Hotel charity award wey dem dey do every year. This year own na- Road to Awareness 2017.

The program to happen this weekend, the charity event start since 10 years and dem do gather like $7 million their plan na to help poor people for some communities.

Nouman Irshad, wey the General  Manager of Sheraton Abuja Hotel sey this year event dem go do many things like sport and competition for adult and children for small money.

E sey “the money wey we go get for this event, we go give the money to UNICEF, for the games and things wey we go do like Dance Aerobics, Relay Races, Tug-of-War, Egg toss, 3-legged man race, sack race, obstacle course dem plenty. We get better better prize for people wey go win. We go still play good music, comedy and cheap food go dey”.


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