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Nigeria: 36 prisoners don escape prison for Akwa-Ibom State

Na like four prisoners don die and many don escape for one jailbreak wey happen for Akwa Ibom State, south-south of Nigeria.

This one happen for Ikot Ekpene.

Government talk say e happen as some prisoners attack kitchen workers for the prison. Na the axe wey dem carry from the kitchen dem use take break the door so dem go fit escape.

BBC Ishaq Khalid report say na when dem dey fight the prison workers na im dem shoot four inside dem. Although dem catch some of dem, na 36 escape.

Government say dem dey find dem.

The prisoners also injure their fellow prisoners for head during di attack with the axe wey dem collect from from one of dem wey dey work for inside di prison kitchen.

Nobody know wetin cause the jailbreak but no be today jailbreaks don dey happen for Nigeria.

According to tori, between 2009-2014 na like 2000 prisoners escape prison dem for Nigeria and dem no catch many of dem back.

Authorities say dem dey investigate dis latest incident.

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