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27 people don die for Benghazi bomb blast

E reach 27 people wey die when two cars explode near one mosque for Libya city, Benghazi.

Tori be say 30 people fit don wound for the two explosion wey happen back-to-back.

A BBC map showing the location of Benghazi, a city in the north east of Libya

One car first blow for the front of mosque for al-Sleimani area as people wey go worship dey comot from the building after prayer.

Another car come blow later for the other side of the street.

A de-mining team from the Libyan National Army search for mines in Benghazi, Libya on 14 January, 2018.

One news person for al-Jala hospital wey dey the area tell news people of AFP say the people wey go die later fit increase.

Dem never sabi the people wey do the bomb and BBC North Africa news person, Rana Jawad say e dey normal for Libya say nobody go talk say na dem do am.

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